Custom Tool Development

The relentless pursuit to make it possible

From the get go our clients are our partners.  Together we develop a plan with clearly defined realistic objectives, goals and budget.   We are transparent in our process sharing most everything with our clients in order to avoid surprises and misunderstanding from occurring along the way to insure that we deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

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Our products are used in a wide range of applications including heat sensor testing and deicing to warming, drying, shrink tubes, soldering and label removal, to curing composite materials, working with hot melt adhesives and welding plastics together including welding waterproofing and ground water protection liners to welding tanks, fixtures, pipes as well as welding roofing and flooring materials.


We work in a variety of industries and markets including military, aerospace, air transportation, trucking and rail, construction and waterproofing.     Logistics, fire prevention, civil engineering, facilities maintenance and repair, cable and wire, plastic processing, distribution and manufacturing are examples of other markets we serve.

Customer Stories