MCH-100-AB Battle Damage Assessment and Repair Heat Gun and Soldering Iron Kit



US Army


Leister, Bren-Tronics, Fieldtex, J & J technologies, ESICO, Skydyne


Shrink Tubing, Soldering


Aerospace, Aviation, Electronics


The MCH-100-AB Battle Damage Assessment and Repair Kit includes a standard MCH-100-A Battery Powered Heat Gun Kit and MCH-116 Battery Powered Soldering Iron with an additional 20 mm Spoon Reflector Nozzle and robust transportation case.  NSN: 4940-01-571-5371 NSN: 4940-01-578-3961

The 111.038.1 Battery Powered Heat Gun, standard to the MCH-100-A, is a powerful 42 VDC Battery Powered Heat Gun with two interchangeable nozzles for shrinking and soldering and temperature capabilities ranging from 500F to 950F, dependent on nozzle and heating element choices. Temperature ramp-up from ambient conditions is 60-90 seconds with a continuous run time of 30-35 minutes depending on the environmental conditions the tool is being used in.

The Heat Gun is powered by the MCH-102NW Power Supply that utilizes two standard Department of Defense BB-390B/U Nickel Metal Hydride smart batteries capable for redeployment within 2 hours of simultaneous charging on the kit included multi-voltage input BTC-70819 SPC Lite Fast Charging System.

The MCH-116 is a 50 watt soldering iron powered by the MCH-102NW 48VDC Power Supply and includes three interchangeable tips.

Designed and tested to perform in harsh rain intrusion and salt fog environments, and to exceed Military Standard Requirements for use in explosive atmospheres, zero electromagnetic interference environments, and in robust handling battle deployment situations, the MCH-100-A is the only tool in its class approved for use on fueled aircraft by NAVAIR. Additionally, the MCH-100-A eliminates the need for an auxiliary power unit in quick avionics repairs and increases safety factors by eliminating power cable spreads and open flames on flight decks.


The US Army Battle Damage Assessment and Repair Team at Redstone Arsenal required a portable electric repair kit to rapidly return disabled equipment by applying field-expedient repairs to damaged electronics, components, wiring, and cables in the field.

In general, BDAR restores the minimum essential combat capabilities necessary to support a specific combat mission or to enable the equipment to self-recover. BDAR is accomplished by a creative "work with what you have" approach and typically involves bypassing components or safety devices, the cannibalizing or controlled exchange of parts from like or lower priority equipment, fabricating repair parts, jury-rigging systems, taking shortcuts to standard maintenance, and using substitute fluids, materials or components.

Battle Damage Electrical Repairs require the ability to solder and desolder as well as apply heat shrink to insulate installed electronics in harsh field conditions. Malcom responded with a combination repair kit that included the MCH-100-A, developed as a portable, handheld, robust, powerful, and adaptable convective heat tool to repair avionics in harsh wind, rain, salt-fog, desert, arctic, explosive atmosphere, and electromagnetically sensitive environments, and the MCH-116 Battery Powered Soldering Iron developed as a heavy-duty accessory to the MCH-100-A.


MIL-STD testing conducted:

  • MIL-STD-461E EMI Control, RE101
  • MIL-STD-810F Environmental Tests
    • 511.4 Explosive Atmosphere
    • 506.4 Rain Intrusion
    • 509.4 Salt Fog
    • 516.5 Shock


Currently, Malcom has delivered nearly 3,000 MCH-100-A and MCH-100-AB Battery Powered Heat Gun Kits to all branches of the Department of Defense, including the Navy and Marines, Air Force, Army and National Guard, as well as NASA and Homeland Security, and industrial customers in the Aerospace, Energy, Manufacturing, Research and Maintenance sectors. Innovation continues as new applications demand and has resulted in developing the MCH-100-C, a low cost Battery Powered Heat Gun, and accessories such as the MCH-100-HMD Hot Melt Iron, and MCH-100-HB Hot Bonder.