LEISTER Products include a variety of Heat Guns, plastic welding tools and machines.



U.S. Government Contractors




Adhesive Removal, Curing Composites, De-icing, Drying Moisture, Heat Sensor Testing, Heat Treatment, Hot Melt Smoothing, Overlap Welding, Plastic Bending, Plastic Welding, Pre-heating or Warming, Shrink Labels, Shrink Tubing, Soldering, Welding Flooring Materials, Welding Waterproof Materials


Aerospace, Airline, Aviation, Construction, Electronics, Fire Prevention (Heat Sensors), Flooring, Forensics, Oil Platforms & Refineries, Power Plants, Roofing, Ship Building, Signs & Banners, Transportation & Shipping, Warehousing & Logistics, Waste Management (Landfills), Waterproofing

Malcom is the exclusive reseller of Leister Technologies products to US Federal, State and Local Governments, Agencies and Departments as well as to US Government Contractors World Wide.  Malcom offers the government most favorable prices through our GSA Contract on GSA Advantage or direct.

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