Fire Alarm Service & Testing


Leister, Aircraft Dynamics


Heat Sensor Testing, Shrink Tubing, Soldering


Aerospace, Aviation, Electronics, Fire Prevention (Heat Sensors), Oil Platforms & Refineries, Power Plants


The MCH-100-C Battery Powered Heat Gun includes the 111.038.2 Heat Gun, a powerful 42 VDC Battery Powered Heat Gun with a standard 300W element that produces temperature capabilities ranging from 500F to 950F dependent on nozzle choices and available as additional accessories. The temperature range can be extended with variable element wattages and are also available as additional accessories. The Heat Gun produces an airflow of 2.66 CFM at an air pressure of 16-mbar and weighs less than 2 lbs with a 9 foot power cord. Temperature ramp-up from ambient conditions is 60-90 seconds with a continuous run time of 25-30 minutes.

The Heat Gun is powered by the rechargeable A-3916 Robopak 48VDC Sealed Lead Acid Glass Matt Battery with LED Battery Level and gas gauge capable of redeployment within 6 hours of charging using the kit included Robocharge Battery Charger. The rugged battery case includes a carry strap and weighs 26 lbs. The state-of-the-art high performance battery charger utilizes a 4-step microprocessor technology charging system.

MCH-100-C Downloadable Specifications

MCH-100-C Downloadable Components and Accessories


Adapted from the MCH-100-A Military Standard Battery Powered Heat Gun Kit, the MCH-100-C was developed to offer a low cost Battery Powered Heat Gun option for testing heat sensors, shrinking and soldering electronics, plastic welding, repairing tents, tarps, and boats, and providing mobile heat for a myriad of applications that does not sacrifice the proven and reliable functionality of the original MCH-100-A system.

Currently, Malcom has delivered nearly 3,000 MCH-100-A and MCH-100-AB Battery Powered Heat Gun Kits to all branches of the Department of Defense, including the Navy and Marines, Air Force, Army and National Guard, as well as NASA and Homeland Security, and industrial customers in the Aerospace, Energy, Manufacturing, Research and Maintenance sectors. Innovation continues as new applications demand and has resulted in developing accessories such as the MCH-116 Soldering Iron, the MCH-100-HMD Hot Melt Iron, and MCH-100-HB Hot Bonder.