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The worlds only professional multi application powerful cordless battery powered heat gun is now being offered to the professional installer for a wide range of in the field on-site applications by professional maintainers for applications such as heat shrinking, soldering, cable repairs, testing heat sensors and heat detectors and deicing in remote locations has been introduced by Malcom Company Inc of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

The Malcom MCH-100-C Cordless Battery Powered Heat Gun Kit features a lightweight, hand-held tool that reaches nearly 1000F with select nozzle attachments and has a built-in motor and fan to provide 2.66 CFM air flow and can accept a wide variety of hot air heat reflector nozzles for heat shrinking applications in the field. Eliminating a generator and long extension electrical cords, this self contained battery powered cordless hot air tool kit has a 48V rechargeable battery connected to the hot air tool with a nine foot power cord and includes a built in shoulder strap to easily transport the cordless battery powered heat gun to the job site.

Malcom's cordless heat gun is suitable for heat shrinking, drying, curing, de-icing, plastic welding, repairing tents and tarps, applying heat shrink tubing and solder sleeves, and other professional maintenance tasks, the Malcom battery powered cordless MCH-100-C Battery Powered cordless Heat Gun Kit can be equipped with a wide range of user-selectable nozzle reflectors and accessories for specialized applications and includes a carrying case with interior tool pockets.  The Malcom Cordless Battery Powered Heat Gun will save the maintainer set up time and reaches desired temperatures in seconds of turning on the tool.

The Malcom Cordless Battery Powered Heat Gun has been used in the oil and gas industry as well as in power plants for remote heat sensor and heat detector testing and for heat shrinking applications and deicing where connecting up to mains power or a generator is problematic.  For years military aircraft maintainers have used the Malcom cordless battery powered heat gun for heat shrinking and solder sleeves on aircraft without the need for power carts and extension cords. Malcom can configure battery powered cordless heat gun kits per customers specifications and needs in addition to offering a private label.

Malcom's cordless heat gun, designed for high temperature applications used in the field under stressful environmental conditions, are huge consumers of electrical power resulting in a battery power supply that is to big to be built into the tool like a traditional cordless drill.  As a result Malcom has designed a power pack, with a shoulder strap, that is connected to a small light weight heat gun with a 9 foot power cord.  Malcom's cordless heat gun is not connected to a mains power supply thus making it cordless.   Malcom offers other DC powered professional cordless tools that can be connected to the same power supply battery pack.