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A compact 460 Watt hot air tool for the non-contact removal and replacement of surface mount and thru-hole components is being introduced by The Malcom Company of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Malcom’s Leister® HOT JET “S” hot air tool can rapidly de-solder and solder sensitive surface mount devices without contact or touching and damaging surrounding parts.  Featuring electronic temperature and air controls which can maintain the desired heat, regardless of air flow, temperature can be infinitely adjusted from 70°F to 1100°F (±5°) and the airflow from 0.35 to 2 CFM.

For precisely directing heat and air to a targeted device, Malcom’s Leister® HOTJET “S” is available with over 100 stainless steel nozzles which push-fit onto the tapered sleeve.  Constructed from thermoset plastic and double insulated, it has built-in ESD lead connector, requires 110 VAC, and heats up in 1.5 minutes.

Malcom offers Leister Products only to US Government and US Government contractors.  Some of the Leister products are available through Malcom Company’s GSA Contract and the GSA Advantage buying portal. Go to the GSA website for more information on the Leister Products offered to the Government by Malcom Company.