The Worlds Most Powerful Portable Heat Gun - The Leister Electron

Tagged with: Shrinking & Soldering

The Leister Electron is the worlds most powerful hot air hand tool.


The Leister Electron blasts out a massive 17 CFM per minute, with a top temperature of 1202°F (650 °C), making it ideal for applications where a high air flow is required. With a steplessly adjustable motor, heavy duty and compact design, along with the high output - the Leister Electron is truly the Ultimate hot air hand tool.

Construction site tried and tested, this versatile tool’s uses range from welding together bitumen sheeting to accelerating the varnish, floor covering curing and stripping, paint or body-filler drying process.

How you can use the ELECTRON:

  • Weld thermoplastics and elastomer bitumen
  • Heat thermoplastic components for forming, bending and coupling
  • Dry moist surfaces
  • Shrink heat-shrinkable sleeves, hoses and connectors
  • Remove old shellac varnish, synthetic enamel, undercoating on vehicles
  • Defrost frozen water lines
  • Activate/dissolve solvent-free and hot-melt adhesives
  • Ignite wood chips, paper, coal or straw in furnaces


  • Temperature and air-flow independently adjustable
  • Temperature electronically adjustable from 20 to 650 °C
  • Manual air slide provides adjustable air flow up to 500 l/min
  • Automatic shut-off when carbon brushes reach their wear limit to avoid expensive armature damages

Product Numbers - ELECTRON

  • 120V / 2700W 107.791
  • 230V / 3400W 107.781

Compact, robust and construction site tried and tested.

Technical Data

  • Voltage V 120V, 230V
  • Power consumption W 2700W, 3400W
  • Temperature °F 68 - 1200
  • Size (L x ø) inch 12.6 x 3.7, handle Ø 2.5
  • Weight lbs 2.8 (without 10ft cord)

Malcom offers Leister Products only to US Government and US Government contractors.  Some of the Leister products are available through Malcom Company’s GSA Contract and the GSA Advantage buying portal. Go to the GSA website for more information on the Leister Products offered to the Government by Malcom Company.